Episode 28: The Tomb of Nargrym Steelhand, Part 3

Introducing Dravis Montbreeze

The Giantslayers left Nargrym’s Tomb and went outside, where they met Dravis, a young male human fighter/rogue who’d followed them from Trunau. Dravis—an acquaintance of Asa’s—had been following their exploits closely, and wanted to join the party! Just as unexpectedly,Janekfan was suddenly called away to Trunau for a top-secret Druidic meeting with Silvermane (ie, her player, Chantel, returned to Seattle).

Next, Silaqui, Dravis and Gydion searched the stairwell of the tomb for secret doors, but found none. So the party healed up; magically restored their lost ability points; rested; and memorized new spells. Returning to the tomb a few hours after midnight, they discovered “The Chamber of Memory”, lined with panels narrating the life and deeds of Nargrym Steelhand. This room led into a statue-lined Prayer Room, which appeared to connect to the Reliquary they’d explored the day before! The tomb, in other words, was circular in its lay-out.

Further inspection (by their new friend, Dravis) revealed that Lokmorr the Betrayer was hiding exactly where they’d left him: in the hall connecting the Reliquary and the Prayer Room! The group then split up, with some of them approaching Lokmorr from the Reliquary (where they’d battled him before), and the others from the Prayer Room. The evil Betrayer was surrounded!

The battle that followed was long and harrowing, but in the end, the Giantslayers prevailed once again. Lokmorr attempted an Agonized Wail, his Tortuous Touch (multiple times), and finally, his Baleful Gaze. Unfortunately, the saving throw DC’s were too low—everyone saved, every time. The tide really turned when Kingsley bull-rushed him and forced him out out of hiding, into the Prayer Room. Other highlights of the fight included:

  • Turin firing a metamagic rod enhanced-Lightning Bolt at Lokmorr, and then Haste on most of the party, giving them all extra attacks

*Silaqui firing an Elemental arrow (fire) to massive effect

  • Dravis landing three sneak attacks while Lokmorr was flanked
  • Asa smiting him with Smite Evil, then ducking past him, avoiding an A. of O. with his high acrobatics skill
  • Draken finally landing a solid hit with Agrimmosh after many spectacular misses!
  • Gydion delivering the coup de grace with his magic Flaming +2 scimitar, preventing Lokmorr from regenerating further. The broken-souled dwarf immediately crumbled into dust, 700 years of immortality finally catching up with him! The party salvaged Nargrym’s magic, Steel Hand from the pile of dust, along with his +2 giant-sized spear, called Heartspit

A search of the Prayer Room revealed stairs down into a hidden, lower level of the Tomb containing a sepulcher holding Nargrym’s remains. They also found the cage where Lokmorr was imprisoned (bars broken), and some braziers filled with treasure. Even more disturbing, Gydion was appalled to find that Nargrym’s remains had been gnawed on postmortem, presumably, by Lokmorr.

The corpse was wearing a magic +2 suit of scale mail comprised entirely of hill giant fingernails, as foretold in the narrated, dwarven tales they encountered in the levels above. A thorough search of the room revealed more treasure, including multiple statuettes, gems, coins, and these magic items:

  • One +2 ring of Magic Shield
  • one potion of Lesser Restoration
  • Boots of the Winterlands
    … and a strange, broken, porcelain magic kewpie doll. (Not even Turin’s skills could penetrate its mysterious powers).

Next: Onwards To Minderhal’s Valley


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