Episode 30: The Dark Chamber Beckons

The party spent the night in Warped Wood Manor without incident, though the air became increasingly thick with palpable evil as the night wore on. A quick review of the areas they’d explored the day before revealed that they were exactly as they’d left them, except that the door from which they’d entered had been sealed shut. They heard the faint echo of rough, dwarven voices beyond—King Knut and his men had obviously arrived, and were trying to figure out how to open the door. “I told you we should have propped it open!” sighed Draken.

Then—rested and ready—the Giantslayers split into two groups, each heading to one of the two entrances to the sole unexplored portion of the tomb: the oppressively dark, rune-warded, inner chamber.

Draken, Dravis and Silaqui took the southern entrance and immediately saw the light from Dravis’ torch reduced 4-fold. Luckily, Draken’s darkvision still worked: they were in a 10-foot wide, 20-foot tall corridor. After a few moments, he saw Asa, Gydion and Kingsley slowly groping their way from the west entrance; the glows from both Asa’s Divine Bond sword, and Gydion’s Light-empowered quarterstaff, were similarly reduced. Clearly, the darkness of the chamber was magically amplified. The adventurers regrouped and headed east, Draken and Dravis in the lead. They passed a doorway leading into what looked like a burial room, with a large, stone sepulcher in the middle. After some discussion, they decided to forego the room for the time being, and continue down the corridor.

Rounding a corner, the dwarven fighter-cleric and human fighter-rogue were surprised by two giant-sized mummies! The monsters slammed them with crushing blows. Silaqui, as usual, was the first to react, firing two arrows down the corridor towards the sounds of her embattled companions. One of them hit, despite the 50% miss chance imposed by the magical darkness.

Asa grasped the Iomedean Glory Medallion and, expending five of his Lay On Hands charges, dispelled the magical darkness in a thirty-foot radius around them, allowing their light sources to work normally. Draken attempted a cleave through both of their opponents with Agrimmosh, but only hit one. Gydion fired a Flaming Sphere while Silaqui downed one of her potions of Spider Climb, climbed a wall, and (on her next round) fired more arrows.

After numerous rounds of violence, the two undead giants fell to well-placed sneak attacks from Dravis, who had tumbled behind them early on thanks to his his roguishly high acrobatics skills. Healing up, the party pressed on further and discovered a giant-sized crank-wheel inserted into the western wall of the hallway. With all of them on the wheel (and with Draken’s strength magically enhanced with a Bull’s Strength spell from Gydion), the group was eventually able to turn it. They heard the wooosh of rushing air, and Asa and Gydion backtracked to the burial room to see if anything there had changed. They found the sepulcher closed, but felt a breeze from the other side of the room [which was obscured by the magical darkness which, aside from the 30-foot space cleared by Asa earlier, permeated this entire part of the tomb]. Asa, impatient, moved up to the closed sepulcher and pounded on it with his fist. This action set off a Fireball, burning both him and Gydion, and setting alight the room’s contents: books and papers set on shelves along the perimeter! Gydion cast Quench and put out the flames, and then salvaged what he could: three magical tomes. Upon further inspection, the Druid learned that the books were meant for improving rogue skills; clerical aptitude; and sorcererous power, respectively.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had found that turning the crank-wheel all the way opened a stone door further down the corridor, across from a second entry into the burial room that Asa and Gydion were in. Draken stood in front of the open door and described what his darkvision revealed to him: a staircase down into a chamber lined with four-foot high coffins, with another door at the far end. The party entered the room, and found that the magical darkness was lifted (ie it was only normal darkness within; their light sources worked just fine). Draken began opening the coffins. Each one contained one gem; his dwarven stonecutting knowledge told him that each was cut from a different stone, and each was of different monetary value. Curious but wary, and upon the advice of his friends, he left the gemstones in place. He tried the door at the end of the room (marked with the Giant word for “treasure”), but it was locked tight.

Upon opening the final coffin, a four-foot-high zombie suddenly appeared on top of each of the coffins! They jumped down and attacked. After 10 bloody rounds, the Giantslayers prevailed, but not without a price. The final zombie, having subsumed the energies and mass of all the other (now-defeated) zombies, exploded in flames, turning the room into a blazing inferno! Reeling from the blast but still conscious, Gydion did his best to put out the residual fires with his Quench orison. As he did so, he noticed that the door to the“Treasure” room was now wide open.

Inside, the party discovered numerous potions; a few other magical items; and a giant-sized key. “This is our way out!” exclaimed Draken, happily. “We’re free!” On their way out, the party shoved the lid off the sepulcher, revealing a giant-sized body, laid to rest in regal attire; it was clearly the remains of the famous Stone King Myanimar. A metal rod that radiated magic was buried with him; using his spellcraft skill, Gydion identified it as a Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection. Ripping it out of the King’s bony hands, the Giantslayers exited the tomb.

Treasure (from both episode 29 and 30, combined:

Multiple giant-sized master​work weapons

A huge-sized, gem-encrusted chariot

Heaps of treasure worth 8,000 gold pieces

Elixir of Swimming
Elixir of Tumbling
Elixir of Vision
Ointment of Flying

One Rogue Tome (bestows +1 rogue level when read)
One Cleric Tome (bestows +1 cleric level)
One Sorcerer Tome (bestows +1 sorcerer level)

One Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection
4 scrolls (two druid, one wizard, one cleric- spells to be determined
6 potions (Darkvision, Spider Climb, False Life, Enlarge Person, Mage Armor, and Bull’s Strength)
Handy Haversack (acts as a backpack with three Bags of Holding built into it)

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