Evil in Trunau's Backyard

A Post by Silaqui

Post by Silaqui: Evil in Trunau’s Backyard.

Our first trip to the Burned Church met with some hard trials and tough battles. Asa, Iomedae’s paladin, was nearly killed, and others in our troop suffered very severe wounds — so much so that we had to break off the quest and return to Trunau to heal and refit. I don’t think the Trunauans knew they had such evil in their backyard, in the Burned Church so close to their back walls.

We’ve yet to see all the nefarious beings in the Burned Church, but we can hope that our return can uncover and defeat Trunau’s enemies there. Asa felt the presence of Iomedae still strong in her sanctuary, and he now wields her sacred sword. Her presence was still in her statue in the basement. Hopefully, she will help guide us during our return. Hopefully, we can rid the Burned Church of all its evil presence and make it once more a place of Iomedae’s peace and love.

To do so is a matter of extreme importance to Trunau’s safety and future. Perhaps one day the church can be rebuilt and consecrated once again to Iomedae to be a beacon of peace instead of a concealment of evil in a troubled land.


If the Trunauans only knew, indeed. Amen, sister!

A thoughtful essay… Thank you for posting this.

Evil in Trunau's Backyard
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