Episode 16: Silaqui’s post about the Vault of Thorns

second half of the episode in the vault

We already entered the Vault of Thorns and battled some of the many Unseeley Fey who have invaded the vault. In the vault, at its floor, exploring, we all felt invigorated by the environment. Everyone healed quickly of our battle wounds. The floor of the giant vault is earth, and the high walls of this circular area were virtually impassible with thick intertwined vegetation.

Along with myself and our party, Turin, Draken, Janekfan and Toboe, and Gydion and Kingsley, Wynnea and her wolf Balto came as guide, and Ingrahild Nargrymkin and her puma continued to travel with us. I scouted ahead and found on the far side a hollow tree large enough to have a staircase inside. Before we could go up these stairs, a Tendriculos next to the tree attacked us. It was a monstrous plant of tree like strength and height with numerous mushrooms on it, and its tendrils attacked and grappled Toboe and Draken. Our team all attacked until the monster fell.

We ascended the stairs in the hollow tree to doors that opened into a greenhouse with many flowers and exotic plants, many in pots on tables. While amazed at the variety and uniqueness of the collection, we unfortunately discovered that some of the flowers were Extabeys, which emit a magic sleep powder. One of the plants put Gydion asleep. The team attacked the Extabeys, killing 6. Afterwards, Gydion soon recovered.
We followed the room around, went through a hallway, and finally came to fetid, foul smelling room, large and long, with two 30-foot high foul piles of rotting vegetation covered with brambles and thorny vines. Behind these two were three more piles, like the first two in size and odor. Turin exploded a fire ball which lit the chamber, and we could see another pile of vegetation with brambles at the far end. This pile was much larger, 50-feet high, and it had a large wooden chest on top. The fireball made dozens of rodents scurry for cover and singed some of the fetid piles. We could see brambles that looked alive, crawling out like arms from 3 of the 30-foot piles.

Our party had difficulty navigating the room because there were so many of us: besides me, Jane and Gydion with their animal companions, Draken and Turin, Ingrahild and her puma, and guarding the rear Wynnea and Balto. With such massive piles of vegetation and brambles, we could hardly all fit. We soon found our movement hampered by the tight space, as well as the attacks by the brambles. We all attacked the brambles as best we could.

I broke free of our party, maybe not the best decision, and ran through the piles heading for the largest one at the end of the room. I was hit and took massive damage, but luckily made it to the large pile and climbed up it onto the chest. I shot arrows down from that vantage point, while our team fought through to the end of the room, killing whatever entities animated the evil brambles in four of the piles. They did this, despite being weakened by the foul, palpable aura of rat and decay coming from all the piles.

It had been a vicious fight, and we threw at these malicious vines everything we had – hammer blows, flaming spheres, fireballs, arrows. Our party fought forward, but Wynnea and Balto stayed back. We were all so busy getting through tight spaces and battling vines that some of us didn’t notice Wynnea’s lack of participation in the fight. Only Turin, who had been suspicious of Wynnea from the first encounter kept an eye on her.

After eliminating the threat from the bramble piles, we found ourselves suddenly in another vicious fight, this one from behind. Wynnea and Balto suddenly both turned onto Green Hags, claimed whatever we might find here, and attacked. Everyone turned around to meet this new threat. Jane, the closest, was grappled by Not-Wynnea. All others attacked as best they could in this deadly fight in close quarters. I stayed on the chest, atop the largest mound and shot arrows at Not-Wynnea from across the room. Jane struggled hard to break the grapple. Gydion hit the hags with a flaming sphere. In the middle of the fight, the Not-Balto hag disappeared but was heard going through the door and running away. Ingrahild and her puma quickly ran after her, enraged at the hag and bent on revenge. Meanwhile, Not-Wynnea still grappled Jane, but Gydion hit the hag square with a flaming sphere. Although the fight continued, it was only a matter of time for the hag. Draken finally killed her with his Warhammer.

Turin had come over to the large mound where I was and opened the locked chest. We saw a ladder descending into a small chamber. There was too little space for everyone, so Turin and I went down and found a collection of weapons left there by the Council of Thorns many years ago.


In the treasure trove below the treasure chest:
+1 magic ironwood breastplate
+1 magic keen greatsword
+2 Orc Bane scimitar
10 +1 Orc Bane arrows
1 Orc Slaying arrow
1 scroll of Barkskin
1 scroll of Call Lightning
1 scroll of Summon Nature’s Ally IV
Wand of Flaming Sphere (w/9 charges)
Wand of Greater Magic Fang (w/12 charges)
Ironwood crown with a stylized thorn motif (worth 250 gp)
Ceremonial gem-encrusted cudgel (worth 150 gp)
3 pp
1,178 gp
605 sp

On Not-Wynnea:

5 Goodberries
Lesser Empower Metamagic Rod
1 scroll of Call Lightning
+1 magic Leather Armor
+1 magic Ring of Protection
holly and mistletoe
1 pair of faded leather baby shoes
1 wooden toy rattle
1 gp

Experience: 34,250 xp


Great work… This summarizes it well. Thank you!

Was Silaqui you shocked that Wynnea was really a green hag??

Poor grandmother-less Jane!
…But with grandparents like that, who needs enemies??

GrandVizier GrandVizier

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