Young male halfling paladin of Iomedae. Former chicken-farmer.


Asa (full name: Asa Del Ray) is a very charismatic (CHA: 22), young adult halfling (age: 24) with brown, tousled hair and green eyes. Although kind-hearted, he often wears a stern expression, and just behind his eyes lies a vague sadness. He is exactly two-and-a-half feet tall and weighs 33 pounds. Asa is possibly the strongest halflings on Golarion (STR: 24; originally 14). He is also sturdy (CON: 16), and agile (DEX: 18). Preferring the Spring Attack feat in battle, he is protected by a +2 magic agile breastplate, a +2 Ring of Protection, a steel helm, and a light steel shield. Asa was recently bestowed the title of “Chosen of Iomedae” with all its accompanying honors and powers. Until recently he wielded a magic +2 “frost” magic short bastard sword named Frostbite; he now wields a minor artifact—a +5 holy sword, called Angel’s Eye.

Although reasonably intelligent (INT: 13), his poor common sense (WIS: 8) sometimes gets him into trouble. He is kind, curious, and friendly (it’s in his halfling nature); but, like many paladins, he sometimes jumps into battle without thinking. In addition, like many paladins, his strict moral code makes him appear haughty and arrogant to others.

When in Trunau, Asa lives in the Sanctuary, being the only halfling member of that community. He is good friends with Tyari Varvatos, and also with Sara Morninghawk and Agrit Staginsdar.

Asa’s Stats:

Race: Halfling
Class/Level: Paladin 14 / Ranger 1
Speed: 30’
Deity: Iomedae Homeland: Trunau
Languages: Common, Halfling, Giant

Chosen of Iomedae Special Abilities:
Resist Evil (=Damage Resistance 5/Evil)
Wielded weapons that are holy, gain the Holy Blast quality
Iomedae’s Mark
Detect Evil at Will
Greater Lay On Hands (= +50% to all uses of Lay on Hands)
+5 Diplomacy.

Stats & HP & AC:

STR: 24
DEX: 18
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 8
CHA: 22

Hit Points: 176
Armor Class: 25 (+4 against Attacks of Opportunity)


Fortitude Save: 21
Reflex Save: 18
Will Save: 15
Immune to charm, fear and disease (and can bestow +4 to saving throws for fear and disease to allies within 10 feet RE: “aura” special abilities)


Initiative: +4

CMB: 21
CMD: 36

3 attacks per round.

Angel’s Eye (a Mithril Bastard Sword)
[+5, holy, demon/devil/undead bane]
To Hit: +27 / +22 / +17
Damage: 1d10; critical x2,18-20. +2d6 Holy Damage. +1d6 Holy Blast damage if a critical hit is landed. Blast effects all of evil alignment within 10 feet.

Permanent Protection From Evil.

Any Evil Outsider struck needs to make a DC32 will save; if they fail they are affected by a dimensional anchor for 24 hours.

Any Evil Outsider that takes damage needs to make a DC32 will save or take 2 permanent levels as the sword burns awn its life force. Even if it makes the save it still loses 1 level.

3/day, as a full round action, player can channel a 10d6 channel energy through the sword. This affects both Evil Outsiders and Undead. If user is also a paladin they may do one of the following: Add their own channel into it; have it also heal allies; double the Area of Effect to 60 feet.

Ignores any natural Damage Reduction except Epic

1/week, as a full round action, take double the normal amount of attacks for one round

1/month, sword can project a 1000’ dimensional anchor field that follows the sword. DC32 Will save to ignore this.

Major Racial and Class Special Abilities:

Lay On Hands (augmented by Extra Lay on Hands feat, Greater Lay on Hands ability, and Glory Medallion magical pendant):
15 times per day, 7d6 healing +50% each time; Medallion allows “1’s” to be ignored and turned into “6’s”
Mercies: Fatigued, Diseased, Poisoned

Channel Positive Energy: Uses two charges of Lay On Hands ability; 30 foot radius.

Smite Evil: 5 times/day. +6 to hit, +14 to damage, +6 to AC.

Divine Bond: 3 times/day. Grants +4 bonus to bonded weapon. Lasts for 14 minutes.

Aura of Faith
Aura of Justice
Aura of Good
Aura of Resolve

Divine Health (immune to disease and poison)

Wild Empathy

Vexing Defender
Dodge/Mobility/Spring Attack
Extra Lay on Hands

Magic Items:
Won’t bore you with all his magic items. The big ones are the Angel’s Eye sword; the Glory Medallion; his +2 short frost bastard sword “Frostbite”; +2 breastplate; +2 Ring of Protection; and a Stonemist Cloak.

Spells memorized:

[Caster level = 11]

1st level: 3xLesser Restoration; 1xEndure Elements
2nd level: 2xEagles Splendor; 2xShield Other
3rd level: 2xGreater Dispel Magic
4th level: 1xRestoration

Major (important) Skills:

Acrobatics: 19 (21 against larger foes and Attacks of Opportunity)
Diplomacy: 32
Handle Animal: +9
Knowledge (Religion): +8
Perception: +4
Ride: +5
Spellcraft: +5
Stealth: +24 (
27 with the Stonemist Cloak)
Use Magic Device: +8


The orc lieutenant sliced Amos in two with his great sword. The halfling fell upon the unyielding, frost-covered ground, mortally wounded. Asa stopped in his tracks and yelled in desperation. He crumpled to the ground, watching his husband dying before him. It was the last thing he saw before the orc’s blade found him, too. Everything went black.

Asa opened his eyes and found himself on a steep, barren, mist-enshrouded mountainside. He was covered in blood and in great pain. Amos was there as well, bloody and unconscious, lying, unmoving, upon the ground. Suddenly, an angel came down unto them, and Asa grew very afraid. She had great wings sprouting from her suit of plate mail, and wielded a long sword, together with a shield decorated with a picture of a sword emblazoned upon a symbol of the sun. “Fear not”, the angel said, lifting Asa into her arms as she began walking up the mountain. Looking back, Asa reached out for Amos, but the angel shook her head and kept walking. Then, Amos glowed brightly, as if on fire, and Asa knew then that his soulmate had become part of the Flame of the Fallen. Great sorrow overcame him. The angel carried him up the mountain, and as she did, she wrapped her wings around him and sang. It was a gentle hymn of compassion and peace, and Asa was comforted.

When they reached the top of the mountain, the angel put Asa on his feet. Suddenly, the summit was bathed in a golden light, and Asa felt no more pain. The angel addressed him thus: “I have seen the affliction of your people in Trunau. I have heard their cries and felt their sufferings. Now, I have come down to rescue them from the evil that threatens them.” She then raised her sword and cut a wide swath through the mist, dispersing the clouds and revealing a panorama of tall, jagged, snow-capped mountains, both beautiful and terrible. “Orcs are not your true enemy. They are but pawns in a sinister game. Your true enemy lies in the heart of those mountains. You will go there and defeat your true enemy, and deliver Trunau from its oppressors.”

Asa hid his face. “How?”, he said at last. “I am but a lowly, halfling chicken-farmer.”

“You can do this, with my help”, the angel responded. She stepped off the mountain’s summit, hovering in midair. The angel reached out her hand and smiled. “Take my hand, Asa”, she said. Asa grabbed for the outstretched hand and stepped off the precipice.

And then he woke up. He was in a bed somewhere in the Sanctuary of Iomedae, with the High Priestess Tyari Varvatos standing over him. “You’ve come back to us, little one”, she smiled.

Since that day, convinced that Iomedae herself had saved his life, Asa eagerly began training as a paladin in her service. He sold his and Amos’ chicken farm to a cousin, and moved into the Sanctuary, the lone halfling among the goddess’ human Trunauan worshippers. His relatives and friends in the Ramblehouse all think him mad; but this has long been the case, ever since his unconventional marriage to Amos. They often refer to him as “touched”. To this day, when Asa hears that, he just nods and smiles proudly.


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