Red Wing Blackbird -- Silaqui's Animal Companion


Bracken is a Red Wing Blackbird, and Silaqui’s companion animal. He is all black, including his eyes, feet and bill, except for red epaulets on his wings when flying or displaying and red and yellow wing bars on his wings when at rest. Including his 3" tail, he is 9" long and weighs 2.3 ounces. In flight, his wings are 5" long each.

He’s an omnivorous bird, who eats plant materials (seeds from weeds and waste grains, as well as small fruits like blackberries and blueberries), but prefers insects of all kinds, as well as worms and grubs. He’s not too fussy.

He is devoted to Silaqui and stays with her, riding in her hood and sometimes poking his head up behind Silaqui’s head to get a look around. If he’s hungry and wants to forage for his dinner, he’ll give Silaqui a little poke on her head, which she doesn’t necessarily care for. Braken loves attention, especially having his feathers stroked by Silaqui, but he is much too shy to let others touch him.

He has no attack capabilities whatsoever, unless as an instrument of a magic spell, such as a touch spell.



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