Dravis Montbreeze

Tall, lean and abnormally nimble.


Standing just over 6’ with blond hair and blue eyes Dravis encapsulates the epitome of the Montbreeze family looks.

Wearing Studded Leather and Fighting with two short swords speed and agility is Dravis’s strongest weapon.

Dravis and Magnus were excited and finding it heard to read. They hadn’t yet begun their training as wizards but being the second and third sons of three in a Wizard House they knew their future as well as anyone else. They would be trained as wizards. As such they were in the house library studying. As twins they were almost always together. Their father was Protector, a position that held respect in their city and absolute power in times of danger. While someone had to be elected into the position it had been a forgone conclusion as to who would get it each time. After all, it was the Montbreeze family that laid waste to the Vampire mage Count Vellius and his undead horde that had almost wiped out the city and its inhabitants over a century ago. Hearing the ring of the dinner bell Dravis and Magus closed the books and put them back onto the shelf, leaving a quill sticking out to mark their places. The Family didn’t normally all have diner together but this was a special occasion. Their older brother had finished his tutelage and would be heading out on his own adventures for 5 years, a tradition that their family held, believing that it would make the person more worldly and able to handle stressful situations. Walking through the kitchen, the last rays of the sun dipping below the hills the twins heard a crash and a scream from the dining room. They looked at each other and then ran to investigate. They threw the kitchen door open just as their finished his spell and a barrage of bright lights streaked across the room to a shadowy corner hitting an invisible barrier with small flashes. This illuminated the corner and in it a well they saw the well dressed form of Count Vellius with their mother crumpled at his feet. Having no time to process what they were seeing Vellius immediately cast his own spell and a spray of colors filled the room. Their father seeing them in danger cast his own spell. There was a bright flash and utter darkness. Dravis was falling. Dravis hit the hay roof of the small farm house and went crashing through, hitting the hard packed dirt floor, the air in his lungs blasting out in a woosh. The farmer inside fell over backwards in his chair yelping as hot stew spilled onto his chest. Dravis sucked in breath and called for his father and his brother Magnus. Neither responded. With the farmer recovering from his spill Dravis got up from the floor and asked him where he was. The farmer looked at him with confusion and anger and replied “This is Trunau, where else would it be!?”

Dravis Montbreeze

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