A besieged kingdom in a decade-spanning war, and a young king given help at a terrible price – sacrifice your first born son to the Spirits of the Great Forest that surround the kingdom. A loophole – a bastard son born and the nameless babe placed in the appointed place at the appointed time to serve as the promised payment. Left alone, left to die at the hands of the spirits.

Or so it was assumed … but the spirits had other plans in store for the boy …
They guided a pair of Druids who worshipped the Great Forest to the baby, and charged them with his keeping. Trained in the ways of druidic lore and raised as much as a creature of the forest as their son, the child … Gydion, they named him … became part of their order and exhibited a great connection to the nature that surrounded him always. That connection soon expressed itself in the form of displays of magical power.

As he grew, so did his skills, and it became clear to his guardians that Gydion’s destiny would take him beyond the confines of the forest, that the spirits intended for him to be a protector of all nature, not just their little corner of it. He trained in the use of the quarterstaff, his weapon of choice as it was wood and therefore of the forest. He was called upon to meditate for great lengths of time to hone his magical powers. He studied with his mentors, and learned to read and write and research. He learned what he could of the creatures and races who lived throughout the realms, and longed to meet them.

When he turned 18, Gydion and his surrogate fathers journeyed from the forest and he was introduced at last to the pitfalls and pleasures of civilization. Although at first terrified and confused by the noise, the suffocating press of more people than he had ever seen in his life, and the jarring diminishment of greenery and animals, he eventually learned to adapt and make an uneasy truce with towns and cities.

At the age of 22, after 5 years living among all sorts of folk in all sorts of places, Gydion felt a stirring in his soul and knew he was being called up by his spirit guides to go out into the world on his own. Nature needed its protector, and needed him now, and after saying goodbye to his fathers, so he began his nomadic quest to fight against forces that would do the natural world harm.

Although chaotic neutral, Gydion has an animal’s instinct about what is wrong and what is right and heeds whatever that sixth sense tells him to do. This sixth sense led him to a circus controlled by wicked bandits, who tortured animals and performers alike to keep them obedient and subservient. One such animal was a little lion cub, and when Gydion witnessed a bandit beating the baby lion, his righteous indignation introduced the bandit and his brethren to the true power of a Druid. In those blood-soaked moments, not only did Gydion free the circus and its denizens from the bandit’s evil, but he also gained a faithful companion whom he named Kingsley.

Now Gydion and Kingsley, who continues to grow into a powerful and noble ally and friend, roam the countryside trying to suss out their destiny. It seems, however, that his spirit guides are steering him to an orc-infested land, and a small town named Trunau that will need them and other stalwart companions. They call, and Gydion heeds that call.


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