Ingrahild Nargrymkin

One of two dwarf siblings who were separated after being cursed with schizophrenia by a green hag coven. After being cured of her malady, she has joined the Giantslayers group in hopes of finding her brother.


Ingrahild is a dwarven ranger with a puma animal companion by the name of Cat.

They, together with her brother Umlo Nargrymkin and two hired mercenaries, had been searching Ghostlight Marsh for the long-lost tomb of their famous giantslayer ancestor, Nargrym Steelhand, when they crossed path with a coven of three green hags. Although the mercenaries were killed and the dwarf siblings were driven insane by a spell cast by the coven, the group did manage to kill one of the three green hags. Since that time, Ingrahild has been wandering Ghostlight Marsh with Cat, aimlessly searching for her lost brother.


Ingrahild Nargrymkin

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