Nickelbee is a 1.5-foot high, animated kewpie doll who came to life one day. This former assistant of Nargrym Steelhand has taken a liking to Draken, who he considers the heir to Nargrym's legacy.


Roughly 1.5-feet tall, Nickelbee is basically an animated kewpie doll. This 6HD animated construct (soulbound doll) served Nargrym Steelhand as a bodyguard, and now has grown attached to Draken, whom he sees as a worthy heir to Nargrym’s giantslaying legacy. Almost fairy-like in his whimsical demeanor, he talks with a child-like lisp. Although his abilities are not completely known as of yet, his abilities to levitate, turn invisible, and grant Heroism make him a useful ally.



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