Adult Elf Ranger, female


Silaqui is young for an elf, 115 years old, has brown hair, green eyes, and a light complexion with a slight copper tint. She is 5’7", 125 lbs. She travels swiftly when needed, but is observant and wisely cautious, especially in forests. She doesn’t prefer exploring caves, except in a party of friends. She is agile, intelligent, and strong for her size.

Silaqui is adept with a bow, her favorite weapon. She’s a very good shot, and quick draw is one of her feats. She carries a double quiver, and always looks to retrieve any useful arrows after a fight is over. Silaqui also carries a sword and double daggers in sheaths on her back underneath her quivers. She has leather armor and bracers with engraved designs of woodland animals.

Silaqui has fey ancestry, sees well in the dark, and can move with great stealth. She is honest and loyal to her companions, and hesitates to argue over plundered gold or treasure.


Silaqui is from Trifin, a small woodland village not far from Iadara, the capital of Kyonin; Trifin is in the forest to the northeast of the city, where Queen Telandia Edasseril rules as the elven monarch. Silaqui’s father, Collen, and mother, Sayrla, went back to the Realm of Sovyrian to be with their fey ancestors, some years ago. Silaqui and her brother Turin decided to stay in Trifin, and they live with their father’s brother, their Uncle Cathal, and his wife, Morayel, a human, and their son, the half-elven Caspar, who is a little older than Silaqui.

Uncle Cathal is a well seasoned and expert ranger who taught Silaqui many of his skills in the forest. He travels often, but these days prefers to stay near Iadara and Trifin, to be in close contact with Morayel, his beloved. Their son, Caspar Halfelf, favors his mother and has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a tan complexion. He serves Iadara as a paladin. Caspar wields the famous sword, Rozenn, the Rose Blade, and is legendary for his valor and tireless pursuit of justice. He has vowed to keep Kyonin safe, even if it means questing throughout the kingdoms of Golarion as an avenger or protection for diplomats.

From an early age, Silaqui had an aptitude for scouting, tracking, and hunting. She spent many years perfecting her talent with a bow. Later, she learned many of her advanced woodland skills while serving with the rangers of Iadara, who along with other elven rangers of Kyonin have scouted and surveyed the entire Kingdom and have kept Kyonin safe from surprise attack for centuries. Silaqui is a natural ranger, born to the life. She has honed her keen senses and learned well how to be stealthy, fleet of foot in any weather condition, and adept at reading the signs of any landscape.

Silaqui has travelled widely in Kyonin’s continent on Golarion and has been to many towns enough times to be recognized and well liked. When the opportunity comes up, she often has provided much needed food for locals with her hunting skills and never asks anything in return for payment. She has travelled widely throughout her region and knows well the areas of Druma and the Five King Mountains to the south, and treacherous Razmiran, the Hungry Mountains, and the Hold of Belkzen to the north of Kyonin.

Silaqui is well practiced in the art of staying out of the attention of petty tyrants, unpredictable city leaders, royals and aristocrats, and monsters of all kinds in the wilds. She often accompanies friends on their journeys as protection or as a scout.


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