A massive, pure-white wolf with gentle, yellow eyes. A woven leather band adorned with two iridescent black feathers encircles his neck.


With fur of pure white and a handsome profile Toboe cuts a powerful figure in the Five Kings Mountains. His jaws and strength are enough to send enemies to the ground.


Toboe was born deep in the Five Kings Mountains’ rugged terrain and was made strong and agile by ranging over his pack’s territory. His standing in his pack is unknown as he was found on his own.

Like Janekfan he is alone, his pack having been weakened by an unusually hard, cold winter. Jane found a wounded, lone wolf standing guard over a den empty of life, the pups having been ravaged and eaten by, what was mostly likely, a bear. She does not know what happened to the rest of his family. There were only signs of a terrible struggle, brown fur and blood.

Bloodied and starving, Toboe had to be coaxed with dried meat over the course of several days to relax his guard and allow her to heal his hurts but Janekfan felt a bond with the beast and knew she had to help him in any way she could. It took many weeks to gain his trust, but they are now the loyalest of companions to each other.

Needless to say, it caused quite a stir when she brought him home.


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