Stone giant inquisitor and master of the Cathedral of Minderhal. Urgash serves as a recruiter for the powerful Storm Tyrant.


Urgash was born in the southern Mindspin Mountains to a small tribe of stone giants who believed themselves to be the direct descendants of the first race of giants that walked the world long before the coming of the smaller races. As a child, Urgash grew up listening to ancient tales of the coming of the Runelords and the great diaspora in which his ancestors fled their homes out of fear of the Runelords’ horrific rituals, which transformed giants into scarred runeslaves. During his adolescent years, Urgash made many forays north into the mountains that were once a part of ancient Thassilon, and as he grew older, his inquisitiveness turned into obsession. He ventured into Varisia’s Iron Peaks to seek out the fabled temple called Minderhal’s Anvil, the sight of which overwhelmed the young giant and awoke in him a deep conviction that he must somehow renew his people. Thereafter, Urgash made annual pilgrimages to the temple, seeking to uncover the past and thus build a foundation for the future. During his visits, Urgash plumbed the temple’s vaults for forgotten clues and lost mysteries—fragments of his people’s history overlooked by time.

Urgash adopted Minderhal as his patron, though he never felt the calling of the priesthood and instead became an “inquisitor” of his faith. Not long after, he uncovered hints of another temple devoted to his deity. In a secluded valley in the mountains just north of his homeland, ancient giants, perhaps even Urgash’s direct ancestors, had constructed a tremendous temple known as the Cathedral of Minderhal. Believing that Minderhal’s Valley belonged by right to his people, Urgash launched a crusade to rediscover and restore the ancient temple.

Urgash’s efforts caught the attention of the powerful Storm Tyrant warlord, who quickly took an interest in the inquisitor and sought to incorporate Urgash’s work into his own schemes of conquest. the Storm Tyrant saw Urgash as the perfect deputy to recruit his armies, for not only did the inquisitor’s firm convictions make him easy to manipulate, but Urgash shared the Tyrant’s dreams of a giant revolution that would seize the reins of power back from the smaller races and place them firmly back in the hands of the giants.

For his part, Urgash serves the Storm Tyrant only because he believes that the Tyrant will help usher in a new age for giants, starting with a renewal of the worship of Minderhal. As overseer of the Cathedral of Minderhal and Minderhal’s Forge, he recruits giants for the Storm Tyrant’s armies while indoctrinating them with his personal dogma. Urathash’s doctrine touts giant supremacy and encourages the extinction of all other races, whatever the cost. The stone giant works to gain support for his religion by infusing his recruitment efforts with dogma. He believes that through faith, power will inevitably shift from despots back into the hands of his church. Ultimately, Urgash sees himself, not the Storm Tyrant, as the usher of revolution and the ruler of the new age of giants.


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