Asa's Nightmare

You find yourself walking through a village with a dark over cast sky, you are uneasy and can feel the pommel of your sword, still in it sheath, gripped tightly in your hand. You look around trying to pull in more detail about your surroundings. The ground is dark and gravely with an almost reddish tinge, the huts seemed to be made of interwoven branches and mud. You can see the forms of people huddled away from you at the edge of your vision. You take a closer look at them but they are blurry. You turn towards one of the nearest groups of people and start to move in their direction but they seem to keep moving away from you, always being at the edge of your vision.

Growing frustrated you start to move faster and before you realize it you are sprinting through the village after the people, random branches from the huts scrapping against your arms and armor. Coming around one of the huts you see that you have made up group on one of them. You lunge forward, quickly grabbing onto their cloths and spin the person around.

A child stands before you, your height, no more than 5 years old. She has dirty blond hair and incredibly pale and mud spattered skin. You see dark circles under her dark brown eyes, twigs tangle her hair and patches of dried blood on her cloths. What stands out most to you are the number of scars on her body, especially the 2 raw pucker marks on her neck. The look on her face is one of terror and she starts to scream though no noise comes out.

She is yanked from your grasp up into the darkness which suddenly creeps in at you. You instinctively draw your blade which blazes with golden light pushing back at the darkness, revealing a monstrous horde. You see the girl in the horde being torn to pieces and start to run to her defense. The horde falls upon you and though you kill many they drag you down as well. The last thing you see as they start to feast upon you in the lifeless eyes of the girl.

You wake in your bed, heart pounding and covered in sweat. You have to turn your head away from the window as sunlight has just started to come in and is in your eyes.

Asa's Nightmare

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