Originally, they were a small party of mavericks and mercenaries who traveled to Trunau seeking knowledge and inner peace.

More recently, they were proclaimed heroes by the town’s Council of Defenders and charged with defending its interests. Their first mission was to travel to the base of the Mindspin Mountains, and put an end to Grenseldek and her monstrous Twisted Hearts tribe, once and for all. Their second mission is to find the tomb of the famous giantslayer Nargrym Steelhand and recover any magic items which would be of use against the giant army being assembled in Minderhal’s Valley, deep in the mountains to the south.

The GIANTSLAYERS currently include (in alphabetical order):

Asa: Lawful Good male halfling paladin of Iomedae; native of Trunau. Former chicken-farmer; Asa gave up that life after helplessly watching his husband killed during an orc raid. Emissary of Tyari Varvatos.
Blaez: Turin’s feisty Air Elemental-Infused hummingbird familiar. The wizard released the bird from his service in the Ghostlight Marsh out of fear for the creature’s life—after which the poor creature was captured by the evil magic-user who has been tracking the party! Upon rescue—with magical help from Jingh, Iomedae’s herald—Turin reestablished their familiar bond and infused the bird with Air Elemental qualities.
Bracken: Silaqui’s sharp-eyed red-winged blackbird animal companion.
Draken: Chaotic Good dwarf fighter from Highhelm in the Five Kings Mountains. The Giantslayer’s most powerful tank. Wielder of the powerful dwarven artifact Agrimmosh. Adopted brother and protector of Jane (Janekfan).

Dravis: male human fighter/thief, in training to be a wizard until his family was attacked by an undead menace, at which point he was magically exiled to Trunau by his father in a last-ditch effort to save him. He established himself as a rogue and, drawn to adventure, followed the Giantslayers’ exploits closely. He eventually joined them in their explorations of Nargrym Steelhand’s Tomb.
Gydion: Neutral Good male human druid; bastard child of a mighty king. Abandoned as a baby in an ancient forest, but rescued by a same-sex male Druid couple (who raised him as their own child). Gydion is a wanderer, but is most recently from Ustalav.
Janekfan: (“Jane”). Neutral Good female elven druid, raised by yeti—and after that, dwarves—in the Five Kings Mountains. Adopted sister of Draken and granddaughter of Silvermane. Loves cake.

Kingsley: Gydion’s fierce lion animal companion. Rescued from a traveling circus by Gydion.
Nickelbee: A former assistant of the great dwarven giantslayer Nargrym Steelhand, this soul-bound doll has now attached himself to Draken, who he sees as Nargrym’s rightful heir.
Silaqui: Lawful Good female elven ranger. Originally from Kyonin, she has traveled widely. Silent and deadly with her longbow. Sister and protector of Turin.
Toboe: Jane’s faithful wolf animal companion. Rescued from exposure and starvation by Jane.
Turin: Chaotic Good male elven wizard (evoker) from Kyonin. Brother of Silaqui. An artifact-hunter, he traveled to Trunau to research the whereabouts of the fabled dwarven artifact, Agrimmosh—only to find it right under his nose, long-buried and forgotten beneath Trunau’s Hopespring.


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