Local Trunauan Lore

Here’s the recent “talk of the town” around Trunau:

1. Recently, someone went and bought up all the shovels in town. “I guess they figured no-one else needed to dig a well or plant a garden”, says Trunau’s Master of Stores Kessen Plumb

2. Most townsfolk live with families and close friends,so you can imagine it can be hard to get some alone time. I guess I can see why so many youngsters sneak off to the Plague House after dark, but I still don’t condone it," says Patrol Captain Kurst Grath

3. “Don’t they say, ‘the villain always returns to the scene of the crime?’ Well, even if they don’t, I sure won’t be going to the Ramblehouse anytime soon—not until that innkeeper, Cham Laringfass, takes a closer look at who she rents rooms to, at least”—Banker and Town Councilor Lessie Crumkin

4. Overheard at the local pub, The Killing Ground: “Have you heard about Meriman’s son, Othdan? He supposedly went out to visit a friend at a farm not far south of here several days ago, but no-one’s seen him since.”

5. “White swords? The biggest white sword around here is the one on the steeple of the Sanctuary. It used to be on the old, burned church outside town. Some say it’s a miracle it wasn’t destroyed back with the orcs torched the place long ago.”—town drunk Inez Grenell

6. “…”—Silvermane

Local Trunauan Lore

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