Shinnerman's Fortune

About 1.5 day’s journey north of Minderhal’s Valley is a small village called Shinnerman’s Fortune. The village’s populace consists almost entirely of prospectors, with individuals claiming large swaths of land along the stream, and the settlement is uncharacteristically spread out. The villagers mostly prospect for gold and silver. Though they are not wealthy, they earn enough to have a stable income, and the surrounding lands provide additional resources.

The townsfolk have little to offer visitors, but they can sell basic supplies, including enough food and water for 2 weeks. There is one “general store” in town, and one “prospecting outfitter” business. Individual villagers might also be willing to sell the a few magic items.

The citizens of Shinnerman’s Fortune thrive upon their independence, both as individuals and as a community. A small council of elders, led by an heir of the founder named Tarram Shinnerman. The Council provides what little government the village needs, but its primary function is to represent the villagers as a single business entity for the purpose of trading with outsiders.

In all, the residents of Shinnerman’s Fortune are a hardy folk, quite capable of defending themselves against local threats—mainly orcs. In the past week, however, the village suffered a violent attack from the giants of Minderhal’s Valley. In addition to killing a portion of the residents, the giants took livestock and human captives as bargaining chips to use with more powerful giants in the Valley (presumably, officers in the Storm Tyrant’s growing army). One of the captives that was taken was Tarram Shinnerman. The village is desperate for his return and have asked the Giantslayers for help in rescuing him.

Turin and Asa decided to stay in Shinnerman’s Fortune to assist the villagers while the rest of the party traveled south to Minderhal’s Valley. While there, Turin will be setting up a laboratory where he can craft magic items.

Shinnerman's Fortune

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