Episode 40: The Forgeheart!

The Grand Relighting of Minderhal's Forge

For some unexplained reason, Dravis excused himself—he jumped Turin’s final Teleport! The Giantslayers then found themselves in the basement Forgeheart without their fighter-thief friend. Then, the slag giant priestess, Natalia, took a book off a shelf and instructed the party on lining the furnace with clay, then helped them by placing a fire geode inside. She then went upstairs and climbed out the secret door into the worship space. The others heard her ordering other giants out of the room; then, when the coast was clear, they and Ferin followed her out across a stone bridge up onto a 15-foot-high stone dais.

Upon the dais sat a giant stone blacksmithing forge and huge iron anvil set atop a basalt platform rising from a pit of slag. In order to attract a dragon, Draken blew the magic horn Drakesbane. The party waited expectantly. Unfortunately, nothing happened, so he blew it again. The party waited again, and after a few rounds, they heard something alight on the ground in front of the building. Suddenly, the front doors burst open, and a young adult red dragon was climbing over the pews towards them!

“Who summoned me?” shouted the dragon. Draken took responsibility, and the dragon glared. “I am ”/characters/flametongue" class=“wiki-content-link”>Flametongue," it growled, “And I want that horn!” “Relight the forge with your fire breath, and the horn is yours!” the dwarf replied. A loud conversation ensued, during which the players used some Truth magic to get the dragon to admit that he wasn’t going to uphold his end of the bargain. After a few rounds, his patience exhausted, Flametongue attacked the party with his fiery breath weapon—seriously injuring Draken, Ferin and Natalia.

Suddenly, a blast of fire catapulted from the center of the sacred forge, sending a bright shower of sparks throughout Minderhal’s Cathedral. At the same time, the slag pit around the dais turned bright yellow and began churning with roiling, molten slag. And, unbeknownst to the party, black smoke began pouring from the chimneys in the cathedral’s spires. “My forge is relit!” screamed Natalia, making a grab for Agrimmosh, but missing. At precisely that moment, a large, important-looking stone giant burst into the room, and attacked Silaqui!

Things moved very quickly from that point onwards. The Druid Gydion sprang into action and cast Baleful Polymorph on the dragon. The evil creature didn’t make its saving throw, so it was transmuted into a bunny rabbit! Meanwhile, upon the dais, Draken and Kingsley fought for their lives against Natalia and Ferin, who were determined to seize the Hammer of Unmaking for themselves. Eventually, Kingsley knocked Ferin into the slag pit, while Natalia disarmed Draken and claimed the hammer for herself. A few rounds later, however, Draken and Silaqui toppled Natalia into the slag pit, along with Agrimmosh!

Gydion Wildshaped into a Fire Elemental and dove into the slag to retrieve Agrimmosh. To his surprise, however, he found that he wasn’t alone: a slag-like ooze was also there, fighting for possession of the magic hammer. Eventually, Gydion prevailed with a powerful Call Lightning Storm spell and the slag-ooze was defeated.

A second slag-like ooze formed on the other side of the pit and attacked Draken and Kingsley! Gydion emerged and gave Agrimmosh back to Draken. The Druid then joined the fight against the ooze, ordering Kingsley to go look for the dragon-turned-rabbit, which had apparently disappeared in the heat of battle. Silaqui downed a potion of Fly and took to the air to scan for the rabbit from overhead. Neither the lion nor the ranger, however, could find hide nor hare of it.

Draken and Gydion defeated the second ooze while Silaqui flew back to defend them against the huge stone giant, who was upon them. Her arrows seemed to do less damage than usual, but she kept firing ,until the stone giant finally gave up and ran out the doors leading into the cathedral’s mess hall.

Finding themselves alone for the first time, with Minderhal’s Forge re-lit, Draken decided to obey Agrimmosh’s call. He struck the magic hammer upon the forge!

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