• Agrit Staginsdar

    Agrit Staginsdar

    Lovely, headstrong, female dwarven wizard; runs the House of Magic shop in Trunau. Trunau City Councilor and wife of Sara Morninghawk.
  • Brinya Kelver

    Brinya Kelver

    Brinya is a weaver in Trunau. A cheerful, no-nonsense young woman, she is popular with children and adults alike. Secret lover of Rodrik Grath; heartbroken over his untimely death.
  • Captain Raag Bloodtusk

    Captain Raag Bloodtusk

    Large, rough-looking, half-orc captain of the Chanticleer riverboat. Good friend of Chief Defender Halgra of the Blackened Blades.
  • Cham Laringfass

    Cham Laringfass

    Cham is an adult female halfling who escaped slavery and came to Trunau from Molthune years ago. Owner of the Ramblehouse, the only proper inn in town, and the best boardinghouse.
  • Crusher


    Monstrous, stunted cave giant of very low intelligence. Abused and thoroughly tortured, he is the Twisted Nail raiders' most prized "war machine".
  • Ferin


    A young, female slag giant with black hair and eyes, and reddish-brown skin.
  • Flametongue


    Flametongue is a young adult red dragon who serves the stone giant Urgash in the Cathedral of Minderhal, deep within the Valley of Minderhal.
  • Grenseldek


    Demented, bitter hill giantess chieftain of the Twisted Hearts tribe, who unsuccessfully attempted to steal Trunau's treasures. Her tribe is a dangerous mix of her own Heart Eater hill giants and the local Twisted Nail orcs.
  • Halgra of the Blackened Blades

    Halgra of the Blackened Blades

    Chief Defender of Trunau, Halgra is both a mother and a leader of exceptional ability and strength.
  • Ingrahild Nargrymkin

    Ingrahild Nargrymkin

    One of two dwarf siblings who were separated after being cursed with schizophrenia by a green hag coven. After being cured of her malady, she has joined the Giantslayers group in hopes of finding her brother.
  • Jagrin Grath

    Jagrin Grath

    Seasoned Patrol Leader of Trunau's militia; Trunau City Councilor and de facto Town Warden. Father of twin brothers Kurst and Rodrik (Trunau's Patrol Captains).
  • Jess Meeson

    Jess Meeson

    Jess "Crazy Jess" Meeson is the owner of Meeson's Goods & Salvage, commonly known as "That n' Such"--the closest thing Trunau has to a general store. She has a passion for her husband (Gorkis) as well as items that predate Lastwall's border retreat.
  • Katrezra


    Old, male half-orc seer and disciple of Iomedae. Hails from the Empty Hand Orc tribe. Has difficulty breathing, and possesses weeping sores on his face and arms. Longest-standing patient in Trunau's Sanctuary.
  • Kessen Plumb

    Kessen Plumb

    Trunau's dependable, no-nonsense Master of Stores. One of Trunau's six Councilors, Kessen takes his role very seriously.
  • King Knut

    King Knut

    King of the Iron Dwarves (from Mt Talos in the Tusk Mountains), Knut is a shrewd negotiator, although his love of gold and gems sometimes obscures his vision.
  • Kurst Grath

    Kurst Grath

    Handsome, able Patrol Captain of Trunau's militia. He shares this role with his louder, dramatic twin brother, Rodrik. Son of Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath.
  • Lessie Crumkin

    Lessie Crumkin

    The proud descendant of one of Trunau's founders, Barran Crumkin, Lessie manages the town's bank (the Countinghouse) as he did. (She is also one of the town's few Abadarans, as he was). More adept on the battlefield than at her job.
  • Lokmorr the Betrayer

    Lokmorr the Betrayer

    Former right-hand-man to the famed giantslayer Nargrym Steelhand, Lokmorr stabbed his master to death after the latter slew a powerful fire giant. When Lokmorr's betrayal was discovered, he was sentenced to spend all eternity in Nargrym's tomb.
  • Munguk


    Slow-witted, not-necessarily-evil hill giant who wanders southern Belkzen ever since his beloved, the Hill Giant Queen Grendseldek, dumped him.
  • Natalia


    An elderly slag giant with white hair, Natalia lives in the Forgeheart in the basement of Minderhal's Cathedral. She calls herself the "Keeper of the Forge".
  • Naximarra


    A red dragon living in the frost giant village of Skirgaard, Naxamora is committed to derailing the Storm Tyrant's plans by obtaining and destroying his Orb of Dragonkind. Towards this end, she has allied herself with our giant-slaying heroes.
  • Omast Frum

    Omast Frum

    Long-time friend of the Graths and godfather for Kurst and Rodrik. Patrol Sergeant in Trunau's militia
  • Othdan


    Othdan, the eldest son of FarmerMeriden, is a young pig-farmer. The party found him locked inside the furnace room of the Plague House.
  • Rodrik Grath

    Rodrik Grath

    Handsome, dramatic Patrol Captain of Trunau's militia. Shares this role with his more demure twin brother, Kurst. Son of Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath.
  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red

    Ruby is the youngest daughter of Chief Defender Halgra. Painfully shy, she is just coming into her own power.
  • Sara Morninghawk

    Sara Morninghawk

    Female Half-orc. Trunau City Councilor and Proprietor of Morninghawk’s Fine Steel ("Clamor"). Married to Agrit Staginsdar.
  • Silvermane


    A venerable, mute, white-haired, male elven druid who guards the Hopespring in Trunau. It is rumored that he is the last surviving member of the Council of Thorns, an ancient druidic order.
  • Skirkatla


    She is the undead leader of the Skirgaard forst giant tribe and commandant of the Storm Tyrant's training camp in Skiirgard
  • Skreed Gorewillow

    Skreed Gorewillow

    Leader of the half-orc saboteurs who infiltrated Trunau and mastermind behind the Twisted Nails' raid on the town. Evil alchemist & Rodrik's murderer.
  • Tyari Varvatos

    Tyari Varvatos

    Beautiful, blonde, young female human cleric of Iomedae. High Priestess of Trunau's Sanctuary. Younger sister of the Second Sword Knight of the Sancta Iomedae in Vigil.
  • Umlo Nargrymkin

    Umlo Nargrymkin

    Dwarven fighter; brother of Ingrahild Nargrymkin. Separated from his sister after being inflicted by a curse of insanity from a green hag coven in Ghostlight Marsh.
  • Urgash


    Stone giant inquisitor and master of the Cathedral of Minderhal. Urgash serves as a recruiter for the powerful Storm Tyrant.