An elderly slag giant with white hair, Natalia lives in the Forgeheart in the basement of Minderhal's Cathedral. She calls herself the "Keeper of the Forge".


At a young age, the slag giant Natalia showed signs of being blessed by Minderhal with the gifts of prophecy. Her parents surrendered her to the Oracles of the Forge, a sacred order of seers charged with protecting the forge at the Cathedral of Minderhal. Though this wasn’t the honor it once was, as Minderhal’s divine influence had waned and the mighty civilization of Natalia’s ancestors was long gone, Natalia accepted the opportunity with pride. But when she first saw Minderhal’s Forge, she wept, for it was long cold, its former glory only known in tales.

Not being of stone giant blood, Natalia was far from the Keeper of the Forge’s first choice for a successor. Despite the fact that she knew all the rituals and had passed all the initiation tests, she was always passed over for the position. But Natalia possessed something many of her brethren lacked: unshakable faith and hope, for she was one of few born with the gift to sense her patron’s divine will. She alone practiced lost rituals of the elder priests, staring into the forge fires for days until her eyes became dull and cloudy, and she learned to hear the secret whispers of Minderhal’s wisdom in the flames.

Natalia has spent many long years in the Cathedral of Minderhal, quietly serving several dozen different giant regimes, all of which she has seen rise, fall, and fade. Most of those giants used the temple as a symbol of their power rather than as a house of worship, a trend that greatly disturbed Natalia, so she retreated to the seclusion of the Forgeheart and grew isolated from activities within the cathedral itself. She attributes the cathedral’s fall to the selfishness of these same giants, for it was through their carelessness that the sacred fires of Minderhal’s Forge eventually went out. More and more giants left the priesthood as the giant civilization in Minderhal’s Valley waned, until none remained except Natalia and the last Keeper of the Forge. At last, Natalia’s devotion paid off. Since no one else was left to take the position, the dying Keeper bestowed upon her the honor and responsibility of maintaining the sacred forge. Natalia became the first slag giant—and perhaps the last giant of any type—to hold the position of Keeper of the Forge at the Cathedral of Minderhal.

Now near the end of her natural lifespan, Natalia has spent almost the entirety of her tenure as Keeper of the Forge within the Forgeheart. Even as Minderhal’s influence has faded, Natalia has clung to the belief that he will one day rise again to greatness. She waits eagerly for the day of reckoning when Minderhal shall reveal himself as the savior of all his true followers and lead them to glory.

Natalia knows more about Minderhal’s Valley, the Cathedral of Minderhal, and their history than any other living creature. She loves to converse on these subjects, especially with Ferin, her recent disciple.



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