Episode 47: Touched by an Angle

Led by their new celestial-blooded sorcerer friend Magnus, the Giantslayers entered the huge, pyramid-like temple via a secret, underground tunnel. On their way to the top they defeated a black dragon and other nefarious creatures. They passed a cellblock full of various powerful creatures, including a demon and a medusa. Among those imprisoned were two divas and an archon. The party decided to set them free.

As it turns out, the three celestial beings were in service to Iomedae, the lawful good goddess of righteous valor, justice and honor (and de facto patron deity of the party). They accompanied the humanoids to the top of the temple where they encountered Velius, Demigod of Undead in service to the dread goddess Urgathoa. As it turns out, Urgathoa is diametrically opposed to Iomedae, so the angels were itching for a fight!

The heroes found Velius surrounded by four shimmering panels that directed energy from his captives into his foul, corpulent body. While the three celestials engaged him, the party disabled the panels, which drastically reduced his stength. Afterward, Silaqui fired arrows; her brother Turin, Gydion and Magnus fired spells; and the dwarf fighter-cleric Draken pounded away with Agrimmosh. The Iomedaean paladin Asa carved an A into his calf with his magic sword, Scorch. Finally, Gydion’s lion Kingsley destroyed the demigod with a mighty combination of fang and claw.

A huge storm began to rage and the party found themselves running for their lives towards the stargate [identified in the midst of a bone-sand desert last episode]. Something dark and hideous appeared in the sky but the archon interposed himself, allowing our heroes to escape into the plane-spanning portal. The very next instant, the PC’s appeared (with an audible pop!) in downtown Trunau. Within the hour, they were granted a written invitation to Heaven itself, where a grand banquet awaited them.

Reading the invitation transported the adventurers to Heaven, where they danced, drank and dined in celebration of their decisive victory over Urgathoa’s and her dark minions. At the evening reached a heady climax of riches, Iomedae herself appeared, calling the Giantslayers [now including Magnus] to her side. Enveloping them with her colossal wings, she granted each of them a gift. Turin was granted a Robe of the Magi; Silaqui a suit of Celestial Armor +5; and god-like strengths and abilities to Draken, Magnus and Kingsley. Gydion was granted a robe which gave him the powers of an Initiate of the First Order—and ancient sect of Druids [long-dead til now] opposed to death and destruction. Lastly, Iomedae fingered Asa as a Chosen of Iomedae, with all its myriad powers. The celebration lasted for days before the party found themselves again in Trunau, hungover but happy.


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