Episode 48: Return to Skirgaard

The Giantslayers knew they had to return to Skirgaard and defeat the dread Frost Giant Graveknight, Skirkatla. First, however, Draken, Magnus and Silaqui joined the dwarves in a campaign against a new Frost Giant encampment to the north, at the site of a former Fire Giant village. After securing the encampment with the help of their new half-orc arcane trickster friend, Sir Humphrey, our heroes joined Gydion, Kingsley and Asa in Skirgaard.

Forcing their way through the front door of Skirtatla’s tomb, the party was immediately set upon by two undead, Frost Giant guards, both hidden in a sea of fog. After dispatching the guards, they entered a small chamber where they encountered two incorporeal, undead Frost Giant soldiers who proved very difficult to destroy. In the end, however, the party prevailed. It was almost palpable: Skiratla was close by.

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