Every party member has have a vivid dream of being a small child and playing in the farming fields outside of a village.

You were playing hide and seek with the other children and you ran to hide in the Forest.

About to be discovered you ran as fast as you could through the woods, coming around a large tree you fell into a hole in the ground.

After gaining your wits you tried to climb back up but couldn’t quite make it.

You could see a dark tunnel that led into the ground but wouldn’t dare run into it being to scared.

You yelled for help for hours but no one came.

As night set in you started to get hysterical when you saw a slight glow behind you.

In the tunnel were several small newts, no bigger than your hand. Their backs glowing a soft white light.

As you drew near to them they move away into the tunnel.

You fear set aside you followed them and eventually came out of the tunnel at the edge of the woods behind some thick bushes.

You could see your home from there and ran to your parents.


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